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Agency Partner Interactive (API) is The Best Video Animation Agency in Dallas, TX. Video Animation now outpaces images as the most engaging form of media to attract customers. Not only that, but some concepts just don’t translate as well in text or static images. Take your customer understanding to the next level by creating an animated video that easily communicates your message. This format is ideal for explaining novel concepts, making features and processes clear, or simply adding some fun to your website or marketing platforms.

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Work with The Best Video Animation Company in Dallas, TX with both 2D and 3D options available, your brand story will instantly become dynamic and hard to forget.

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Our Video Animation Process

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As always, we start with understanding your brand story and the message you want to convey. Beyond this, we ask key questions to get at the heart of the ultimate goal of your video.

Whether you want to educate, convince, or entertain your audience, we use this information to help you accomplish this through an effective script, tone, treatment, and style frames. You can choose to write your own script or we can collaborate until we have the language and narrative just right.

From our prep work on the script and our understanding of your overall branding concept, we move forward to planning out some key frames of the animation. Along with these basic images, we overlay a written treatment to show you how the verbal narrative with line up with the visual story.

This is where you will really start to understand how the final project will look and sound. As usual, our collaborative process continues as you sign off on this next stage of development.

In this next stage, we begin recording the final audio. You can choose to use your own voice, a voice over artist you have already chosen, or we can help you find the ideal voice to fit the tone and personality of the script.

Once all of this is fully approved and finalized, the hard work of detailed animation begins. This tends to be the lengthiest part of the process, but well worth it when you see the final results.

The last step is to add any small sound effects while removing any rough spots from the voice over audio so there are no strange sounds or background noises distracting from your story.

Music is added in this stage as well, and then the video is finalized, formatted to fit your technical requirements, and delivered with a lovely bow on top! Time to sit back and watch your audience delight and your users “time on website” scores skyrocket!

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Work with Expert Video Animation Agency in Dallas, TX. Let’s work together and create lasting impressions that convert activity into revenue. Reach out to us and we’ll talk you through our process!